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School Snapshot

Welcome to Beverly Elementary School

As one of Michigan's top performing public school districts, BPS provides educational resources to more than 7,500 students at 15 different school locations throughout the district.  

A student sliding down a slide
Beverly Logo

BPS is a national leader with an intentional focus on character education.

  • National district winner
  • National school winner
  • National profile winner
  • National honorable mention
  • State school winner
  • Promising Practice award

School Overview

Academic offerings: Teachers integrate our core values and discussion of ethical issues into the curriculum.  Books discussions include the traits of a character while hard math problems prompt discussions of perseverance.  Learning needs are met with differentiated instruction to help all students succeed.

  • Consistent high achievement across all grade levels
  • District AdvanED accredited
  • The staff provides students with engaging lessons that address multiple modes of learning, which allow our students to reach their highest potential.
  • Recipient of Michigan's prestigious environmental Green School distinction
  • Beverly Community is committed to honesty, inclusiveness, kindness, respect, and responsibility!